How to Install and Use iMessage on Windows PC – Laptop

iMessage is an Apple gadget just texting administration and is a standout amongst other texting administration accessible on the iOS stage. it’s quick, secure however constrained to Apple gadget as it were. Presently consider the possibility that you need to utilize it on a Windows PC. Luckily, you can introduce iMessage on Windows PC, with the assistance of your Jailbroken iOS gadget and a change called Remote Message. Take after beneath steps and prerequisites to introduce iMessage on PC.


Remote Messages is a Jailbreak change for iOS running gadgets and fills in as extra for your iMessage. Hardly any things to note before you continue with underneath steps. You ought to have a Jailbroken iOS gadget like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to introduce Remote Message change. You ought to have your Windows PC and iDevice associated with a similar WiFi arrange and obviously a Windows Machine to introduce iMessage on it.


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Step by step instructions to Install and Use iMessage on Windows PC – Laptop

Stage 1: Install Remote Messages on your iDevice: Remote Messages is escape change and can be downloaded from Cydia. Hunt and introduce Remote Messages on your iPhone or iPad from Cydia for $3.99.

Stage 2: Once you have introduced Remote Messages on your iDevice, open it and go to Settings of the application.

Stage 3: Next, empower Use Authentication by sliding the flip under Login Account Details and enter a new username and secret word.

Stage 4: Under Remote Message Settings, you should see an IP address as Current IP and a server port. Note it down, as you have to utilize it later.

Stage 5: Now open web program on your Windows PC.

Stage 6: Enter the IP address that you have noted down from Remote Message settings in your program address bar, squeeze colon (:) and enter server port.

Stage 7: Hit enters to get to it.

Stage 8: That’s it. When you are effectively associated. You would now be able to view and answer to iMessage straightforwardly from your Windows PC’s program window. Despite the fact that, this is only a play-stores, however, can spare you from the issue of checking messages on your iPhone while you are chipping away at your Windows PC.


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